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Couldn't help myself

Let's Play 20 Questions!

1. What is your name? Sex a la Tawni
2. How did you meet me? In school :) Shouldna thrown plaster molds at poor Adam >)
3. We been friends for long? Yeppers, round.. hmm.. lesse, bout 5 years now.
4. Who's your best friend online? That would be miss Kirseluh
5. What about in rl? Kayle but of course *g*
6. What's your birthday? May 8th
7. How old are you? 22ish
8. If you had 6 plane tickets to go anywhere you wanted, where would you go and who would you bring? I would most certainly go backpacking all over Europe and I would take Kayle, Kirsten, Mum, Dod, and Carl. Sorry Alison, I only had 6 tickets! But you can live without your hubby for a month, cant you? >)
9. What's your favorite color(s)? Pink n black
10. What's your favorite food(s)? Tacoes!~!
11. What's your favorite book(s)? Well, the HP series, for one. Anything by King or Koontz is fine by me also. But I think my all time fave has to be Invinceable Summer, lol cant recall the author right now, but it's a good'n.
12. Do you see a shrink? Nope, I see a psychologist :p He told me I have a gift that's very rare... Then again, his name *is* David Harley (no joke!)
13. Do you like my hair? I lurve it! It's so reddish and curly-yet-straightish. It is magnificent hair!
14. Would you kill someone if they did something horrible to you (think Kill Bill)? No, unfortunately I've had some pretty bad people do some pretty bad stuff to me, and I have no desire to kill them. Seriously maim them, perhaps, but not kill
15. Pick one: home, outdoors, or friend's home. Well, I would have to say home, because I'm most comfortable there, but then I would hope all my friends would pick friend's home, because I love entertaining guests *g*
16. What do you want to be when you grow up? Peter Pan! lol seriously though, I want to be a journalist
17. Do you have any children? No, unfortunately not. Would love some someday soon though :)
18. Are you going to post this on your myspace or some other blog? Most likely, so's I can see what my other friends put
19. Do you love me? Always and forever *snuglovehug*
20. And finally, what meaningful bit of insight can you share, or what's one of your favorite quotes? I have no favorite quotes, seeing as I love any and *all* quotes, so I'll share this bit of wisdom: never, EVER, try to put your pants on more than one leg at a time. You do NOT have a third leg to stand on, no matter what that man on the corner told you.

Well I thought this was an ubber shibby quiz, so thanks to my TayTay for writing it up. Anyone who posts this in their journal or posts it in a comment will become the ultra shibby-coolest special person sempiternally. Cheers!


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