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This life is too twisty.. I wanna go home

 Okay, so I know I'm vewy vewy bad in not updating and such.. but I dunno, I felt that even when I did update, no one cared to read what I wrote, so I suppose there's not much point in writing. Not meaning to sound so self important and whiny here, but che cera cera, nu? Okay, I have some mixed jumbles of good and bad news. I was dating this guy, whom I thought was nice, but it turns out he only thinks about numero uno. I CANNOT STAND people who don't think about others. I mean, I'm not even talking about his putting himself before me, that I can handle, but he's just so self-absorbed, it seriously despises me. So I am once more single, which is the way I'm staying for a while, at least until my nasty divorce is settled, which is yet another thing that depresses me. I'm only 22 years old, and already I have a divorce under my belt. Yeah, I was stupid for getting married in the first place, but after much contemplation, I think I finally figured out the why on that. See, after the whole Di incident, I guess I felt undesirable. I mean, I was so horrid that I made him go GAY. (In the real world, I understand that it wasn't me who made him turn the tables, it's just how he is, but that's the way I felt for a loooonnnggg time..) I felt I had to prove myself "marryable". Well, now I've done that, and I'm okay. On a good note, I've found a new job, one where I'll get a week's paid vacation, and benefits, and the whole nine yards. Plus a guaranteed forty hours, and still I get three days off. So Kudos to me, nu? Well, I think that's about it for now, since I cant think of anything else of substance to write.

                        Love To All Always,


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