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Okay, I'm not so good with the update thing, I know.. Well, I'm in Ann Arbor right now with Paul. No, we're not together as of "officially", but we're trying to work out our differences and take things veeeerrrryyy slow. See, for those of you not familiar with the whole Paul - me - his mom thing, we used to be engaged, and well.. let's just say things didn't work out due to a number of factors, his mother being a big one of those. Anyhow, Paul's mother has had several neuro surgeries in the past, and recently, she fell and hit her head in the exact place where her shunt is located. Long story short, she's had to have surgery *again* and is now up to numero dias. (that's ten to those who don't speakah de Spaneah)
Anywho, the last time I was up here, Paul's Aunt Joyce came up and decided I had to leave, but Paul was under no circumstances to drive me back to Lansing. Consequently, my parents had to come and get me in the middle of an ice storm, thus leading to a catasrophic fued between mine and Paul's parents. However, this was waaaay before I (stupidly) got married, and so the whole ordeal has been put behind us.
So, about the whole marriage thing, I've had numerous people ask me why I got married to a man I'd only known for four months, and here's the true and pathetic reason: I had to prove myself "marryable". Paul left me, I was feeling so very undesirable, and so I just latched right on to the first smooth talker I met. Little did I know at the time, he was an abusive prick only looking for a free ride. The first time he decided to lay a hand on me, I kicked his arse to the curb, believe me. But not before he was able to obtain my social security number, which I sadly made readily available to him, and proceed to wreck my credit so badly that I can't even go to the local movie store to rent a flick.
At last, I come to the most recent drama in my life, which is losing my job, falling back into love with a man who left me for another man, and staying next to the sickbed of a woman who once called me a "meddling little bitch", and I do quote that. Wow, I'm a messed up little cookie, aren't I? On the other hand, all this stress is a weight-loss miracle. -_-


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