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Im Baaaack...

Well, the title says it all.. I am actually able to post on here for once. But you know, certain people should be made aware that just because I never had time to post doesn't mean I wasn't interested, or didn't care. I always made time to look at my friends' pages, keep updated, because I love all my friends on here, and I am interested in all their lives. anywhat, I guess what Im trying to say is Im sorry I haven't been a better friend. Its no wonder all the people on my list quit talking to me.. and we used to have such wonderful conversations.. well, from here on out I resolve to fix this situation. I vow, to any and all who are willing to give me another chance, that I will be a better friend and post at least once every two weeks, and give plentiful comments to those that I deem worthy of commentation. now that that's settled, on to the update section..
I'm officially divorced, have been since last christmas, Paul and i still talk, and I am now with a man named andres, who is very nice but very hot tempered. also, he happens to live almost 2 hours from me, so we haven't actually been able to meet in person. But I have discovered that it matters not if one meets their significant other, you still argue the same whether it's via phone or text or in person. But enough about my sorrows, I want to hear what all my friends have been up to on here. If anyone cares to, here's my number: 517-749-3563 just call and tell me you're from livejournal so I don't freak out and wonder how you got my number. If anyone bothers calling, but that's assuming at least a couple people are willing to forgive me, and also assuming people aren't weirded out by the fact that I posted my number on my livejournal..
Love To All Always,



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