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okay I am so incredibly done with the male species its not even funny.. I had this awesome guy I was dating, and we were getting pretty serious. Then yesterday he just out of the blue says he doesn't think he can deal anymore, he wants out. But it gets better.. Wanna hear his reasons? One, his daughter takes up a lot of his time. Cool, I totally understand that, your child should always come before anyone and everyone. Two, he wants to focus on work. Now this one I have an issue with because while I understand one must have an occupation to survive in this world, one must also be careful not to get to the point where the main focus is money. I believe that is where he's at right now, and that is a path I cannot tread with him. Three, he wants to focus on school. Again, I take issue with this for same reasons mentioned previously. It all ties in with work, because what do you do at a job? You work. To do what? Make money. Now if a person thinks they need more money when they're already working 40 hours a week and have very few expenses, I would say that it has become more about the aquisition of wealth for the sake of being wealthy. Now taking school into consideration.. What does one do at school? Takes courses to gain knowledge in a particular field in order to get a HIGHER PAYING JOB........ 'nuff said.. its not that I shun the educational system, or criticize him for wanting to further his own education, it's more the fact that he places financial security in a higher priorital position than a person he claims to love. Therefore, in laymen's terms, he is choosing financial gain over having a relationship with me. I was perfectly fine sharing his time with his other commitments, but it was also the fact that I always felt as if I were merely an afterthought for him, something to consider only when his other tasks were completed.. It is not that difficult to manage time between work and family and social.. okay it is rather difficult but I cant help thinking that if he truly cared about me the way he said he did, he would have found a way to make it work. So that is why I am done with men, and seriously considering switching sides for a while.. the attraction has always been there, but I always thought a life with a man would be much more fufilling.. It's time to find out whether i was right or wrong..


Nov. 7th, 2012 04:10 am (UTC)
Well I don't know who u r but I'm sorry to tell you I'm married now, have been for almost two years


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