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What an interesting high my life is

Well, my day yesterday was fun. Spent the better part of most of the day hugging the toilet, finally got some eggs to stay down, dragged myself to the phone and called in from work, then got myself to the nearest redi-care facility. I spent the better part of five hours sitting on a tiny cot with an IV in my arm that was finished in the first fifteen minutes, then decided for the next three hours to slowly suck my blood out so that by the time the stupid nurse got around to taking it out of me, I was in excrutiating pain and the line had a lovely red tint to it. At least they had the decency to shoot me up with so much morphine I couldn't walk straight, even if they never did find out the cause of my mysterious affliction.

On the upside, I got home and met a new online buddy, he's only 17 but has a very mature mindset. I was roaming around on yahoo chat rooms, asking people in the RP rooms if they wanted to do an RP, which, hello, it's an RPG chat room, you would think people would be, I dunno, maybe RPGing?? Anywho, no one wanted to, and just as I was about to give up for the night (well, day), this person entered the chat room and asked in ooc bubbles what the topic was. I immediately sent said person an IM that said simply YOU ARE MY SAVIOUR. We spent about an hour just chatting, lol we never did get around to actually RPing, other than sending a sample to eachother, but now he's on my buddy list and I sent him an offline message with my charie's info, so hopefully he'll sign on soon and see it, nu? Even if he doesn't get on before I have to get off he'll see my message and hopefully reply with his charie info.

Okay, so I know I have no life, I mean it's pretty pathetic when the high point of my day was flirting with an underage stranger.. On another note I really, really don't wanna go to work, I still feel crappy. But at least after this I have three whole days off to do nothing but clean house and relax. I might actually get around to cleaning my room one of those days, though that is admittedly doubtful. I have a lawn to mow, dishes to do, floors to sweep, laundry to do.. Ich, I think maybe I'll just go up to my work and see if they need an extra person.

On yet another bad note, I got another write up at work yesterday. My second one in two days. The first was for being almost 4 hours late, because I got my schedule confused. The second was because somehow, my till was 30 bucks over, which implies that I thought to myself "gee, I don't think I want to give this customer their change. I want my company to make a bigger profit, even though I gain not a single damn thing from this venture." I cannot for the life of me see how I missed giving someone 30 frikin bucks. If I were that customer that gave me a 50 and I didn't get the right change back, you can guarantee I would be coming back to say something about it. No one came back and said anything along those lines. Therefore, I can only conclude that it was the managers that counted out my till that made the mistake, and of course no one is going to own up to it. It's a lot easier to blame it on the lowly crew. It could very well have been my mistake, however, so there's not much I can do about it. I just know that after this, I won't be getting any hours... *depressed*



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